Statement of Principles

The Imperial Core

The time for selfish looting is over. It has robbed the global south and pillaged stolen land to build the capital for capitalism. Many of the so-called revolutionary parties in existence seek to utilize these systems to improve the lives of folks whose lives are already measurably more comfortable than those they rob from to make this possible. This is not revolutionary. This is a replication of capitalism. We dedicate our lives and existence to the defense of the groups and peoples whose lives have been built on to this point. To do this, we will create communities in the Imperial Core to stand with one another, cultivate camaraderie, and support each other both materially and emotionally. We will establish pockets of true revolutionaries in the belly of the beast, to fight and bring to light the monstrous policies and actions of Empire.

Colonized Peoples

The RDP stands with you. We will dedicate our lives and existence to revolution where you are. We will use every means available to raise material, educational, and emotional support to lend in any way we can, whatever revolutionary change is needed for you and your peoples, through the party.

Indigenous Peoples

Settlers occupy your land, desecrate your holy sites, erase your culture, and murder you. The RDP will stand alongside you, building a base of resistance against settlers. We will dedicate our lives to giving back all that that has been taken. The RDP will acknowledge and bring to light your customs and culture, never forgetting where you are or who was displaced to be here. We will not rest until reparations have been paid in full and the land of every Indigenous nation and people has been returned.

African Peoples

It is time to break the chains maintained by those who subjugate you through slavery and institutionalized oppression. The rusted, bloody shackles of today are the systems of control which persecute you as second class citizens and keep you locked in prisons, take away your rights and murder you without repercussions. We will not turn a blind eye to these injustices like so many with privilege have done before. The RDP seeks to celebrate diverse sociocultural histories and promote the self determination of black Americans and Africans internationally. We will stand with you, supporting growth and solidarity.