It is with heavy hearts and great difficulty that we are announcing our resignation from Proles of the Round Table. The motivation for this move is to foster a structural change in our community of respect, health, honest communication, comradery, and the struggle to fight oppression in every form. Proles of the Round Table brought us together and helped to form a very healthy, tight-knit community, but within our recording cadre we have dealt with a lot of tension, stress, exploitation and emotional abuse by certain members of the group. We believe that those members, specifically Justin and 8 Hop, are not acting in the interest of fostering community, giving back to our patrons, and furthering the goals of revolutionaries worldwide, and are instead using a revolutionary facade to mask their true intentions: social, material, and emotional capital. Furthermore, the voices of marginalized members of the podcast were silenced and the hard work of all members was downplayed, actions which we do not feel are in line with revolutionary goals. Podcast funds, which we consider to be donations and feel should be used to bolster our sister podcasts, fund organizing projects, and ultimately give back to the wonderful people who constitute this inspiring worldwide community of communists and socialists, are completely unaccounted for and our best guess is that they have been used for personal financial gain. This is not in the interests of the people who so charitably gave us donations, and we feel as though we have all been duped. It is for these reasons that we choose to distance ourselves from the unhealthy elements within the podcast.

This group will continue to be engaged in projects, and we will share those with you as soon as we can. While Proles of the Round Table as you knew it is gone, we will continue to do podcast work in a very similar vein, and the relationships made and revolutionary knowledge shared by everyone in the community lives on. The USSP podcasts (Bands of Turtle Island, Proles of the Minyan, Proles of the Book Club, The Tolerant Left, and Ad Vincere Mundi) are all welcome to come with us and remain united under our new banner. 

Our group is working on a timeline of events that pushed us into making this decision, as well as a collection of personal statements to help further elucidate the situation at hand. This will be published very soon. We hope that you all forgive this difficult situation, and we hope that you all will join us in creating a new project that shares our community’s vision. 

Solidarity forever, 

Alekx, Taylor, William, Ethan, Jess, Talia, Eilex (aka Ezra), Vi, Savanah